Test Preparation Material for Sindh Govt Jobs BPS 5 to 15 Download

Test Preparation Material for Sindh Govt Jobs BPS 5 to 15 Download


Past Papers Most Important MCQS
Part I
Part II
Part III
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Part V

World Geography
Famous Places
Highest Military Awards
Important seaports of the world
Parliaments of the world
Ocean and Seas
Lakes of the world
Waterfall of the world
World Deserts
World Islands
River of the world
News Agencies
Famous Airlines
Worlds famous streets
Change name and places
Geographical Epithets
First, Largest, Longest, Oldest in the world
Important Annual Days
International Organization
Capital & Currencies

History of Sub-Continent
Cultural History
Indian National Movement
History Of Pakistan
Pakistan Movement
Geography of Pakistan
Constitution Of Pakistan 1956, 1962, 1973
General Information of Pakistan
River & Dams of Pakistan
First in Pakistan
Highest, Lowest, Biggest, Tallest, Smallest, & Oldest in Pakistan
Old & New Names Cities of Pakistan
Distinctive Names of Pakistan
Important GK of Pakistan
Important Books & Authors
Population of Pakistan (Census)

Islamic studies
Holy Prophets in Islam
Pillars of Islam
Holy Prophet Muhammad S.A.W
Battles of Islam
Holy Quran
Most important MCQs of Islamiat

General Science
Branches of science
Units and Measurement
Invention and Discoveries
Most important MCQs

General MCQs of computer
Part I Part II Part III
MS Word
MS Excel
MS Power Point
MS Access

Reading comprehension
Sentence Structure with explain
Important Preposition
Advance Level Synonyms
Advance Level Antonyms
Fill in the Blanks

دوستن کي عرض آھي مهرباني ڪري اسان جي يوٽوب چينل کي سبسکرائب ڪري اسان جي حوصلا افزائي ڪريو. مهرباني.